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The door slammed shut behind me. What can I do?

If it’s a upvc door try reaching through the letterbox and, using a stick, try pulling/pushing the handle down.
We use special tools to do this and so you won’t need to pay for a new lock.

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I left a key in the lock on inside of my upvc door

A common problem with double glazed or upvc doors. Generally speaking leaving a key in the inside of the cylinder stops a key inserted in the outside from fully engaging in the cylinder.

If your key won’t turn at all then have a close look to see if there is a gap between the shoulder of the key and the surface of the cylinder. One thing to try is to gently tap the outside key.

If you are very lucky and the inside key is perfectly vertical and the right way up the tapping can push the key out of the cylinder. This allows the outside key to engage and turn to unlock the door. We must stress anything more than a gentle tap can damage both keys and a new cylinder will be required. You can try using the answer to the previous FAQ.

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I’ve broken the key in the lock

If it is a small key, like the common Yale key, then try carefully to remove the broken piece. In an attempt do this we often find customers end up pushing the offending piece into the lock making it more of a job to retrieve it. We carry special key extractors of various types to enable even stubborn pieces to be removed.

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I have the correct key but it won’t work

Check the key for damage. Is it bent, twisted or broken?
Is there anything blocking the keyhole? Can you remove the blockage? Don’t be tempted to push the broken bit further into the lock. That may make things more expensive to rectify.

Have you been having trouble with the lock? Small parts within the lock get broken, or wear out, but do not always become an instant problem. For example springs break, and although you may see the handles sag a little, the broken piece does not immediately cause any trouble. Then subsequently and for no reason the piece of spring drops down and blocks the intricate mechanism. This often stops the correct key from turning.

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My keys are lost what can I do?

Unless you have access to another set, which will make entry easier and therefore cheaper, the locks should be changed. If you know where the keys were lost replacing the locks may of course be unnecessary.

We employ the latest lock picking tools and techniques to gain entry. Members of the Master Locksmiths Association spend time developing new ways of overcoming new types of locks as soon as they are introduced onto the market.

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My key is stuck in the lock?

A common problem if your double glazed or uPVC door lock has a broken cog or two inside the main gearbox. Try gently turning the key back and forth whilst lifting the door. You obviously need to be careful not to snap the key. Slowly apply more force as you lift the door. The cylinder may be broken which will be cheaper than the broken cog to correct.

If it is a wooden door then force is not always the best option. See if you can gently rotate the key in either direction and pull, push or lift the door to take any pressure off the mechanism. The problem may be a damaged key and you may be lucky and get it out but it may have damaged the lock in some way. Experience is normally the best solution to this one. We know by feel what is the likely cause of the problem and may save you the cost of a completely new lock.

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Do my locks meet my insurers requirements?

This is very important. So please check your insurers security requirements. If you are not 100% sure ask them for a copy of their requirements. Review the list and upgrade your security where necessary. If you assume you meet, or don’t bother to check you meet, their minimum requirements then you are not properly insured.

Although you have paid your premiums you are technically in breach of contract and they may not only refuse any claim but will not refund any premiums as you broke the contract. Insurer’s requirements vary widely and so when changing companies make sure you carefully check what the new company requires. If you are not sure then please contact us for advice.

Occasionally we come across situations where it is impossible to meet a certain requirement and most insurers would accept our recommendations. Coming from a company member of the Master Locksmiths Association we normally find them willing to accept our advice. Getting an agreement in writing is very important.

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How do I identify a British Standard lock?

All British Standard locks should display the “Kitemark” which looks like this . There have been imported locks that were passed by the British Standards Institute(BSI) but do not display the Kitemark. We suggest that if the lock does not display the mark then assume it is not a BS lock.

The Kitemark will include the relevant BS number and the date when it was “passed” by the BSI. So please check to see if yours is acceptable to your insurers. The most recent BS no. for the common locks fitted to external doors is BS.3621:2007.

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